Fruit Crush 2: Adventures


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Fruit Crush 2: Adventures is a puzzle game that's openly inspired by Candy Crush Saga that provides a worthwhile continuation to the legendary Fruit Crush.

The gameplay in Fruit Crush 2: Adventures is practically identical to Candy Crush Saga and other similar games. This means you have to move colorful fruit around a board with the objective being to make them disappear and earn as many points as possible. In fact, each level is over once you earn a certain number of points.

In Fruit Crush 2: Adventures, you have to advance through a series of levels. Unfortunately, almost all the levels are exactly the same, so it doesn't give you much of a feeling of progress as you play.

Fruit Crush 2: Adventures is a game that's just as surprising as the first installment in the saga. Once again, the graphics surprise, the variety of levels surprises, and it's sound effects definitely surprise. In short, it's a surprisingly great game.
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